Easy Financing Script

Hey, is this __(Merchant Name)___?

Hi, this is ____(Agents Name)_____the  Business Manager calling from Easy Financing , How are you today? (insert power words)
I wanted to give you a call because  you’ve inquired about a business loan and I wanted to see if you were able to get all the money that you needed for the business?


Hi, this is ___(Agents Name)____the  Business Manager calling from Easy Financing ,  How are you today? (insert power words)
I wanted to give you a call because  few of our lenders are interested in speaking with you and want to give you an offer. Are you still in need of funds?

For Scrubbed List:

Hi my name is ___(Agents Name)___I’m the Business Manager calling from Easy Financing. How are you? (insert power words)

I understand that you’ve been getting calls from my agents and I apologize for that. Right now I’m personally calling you to handle this request. Are you looking to get additional capital for your business?

>> if Yes- proceed in asking the PREQUALIFICATION questions



1:  How much money do you need?

2: Why do you need the money?

3. And the name of your business in (Verify the company name (dialer) )
3.A How long have you been the business owner? (at least 6 months)
  3.B I want to make sure that this business is still running right? (Yes)

4:  Do you have an active business bank account? (yes)
4.A Have you been depositing money into that account over the last 4 months? (yes)
4.B What is your average monthly deposit? (at least $15,000 and above)

5:  What is your Credit score? (500 and above)

6: Will you be needing the funds as soon as possible ? yes

7:  Do you have any equity or property? (like a commercial or residential property)
7.A Has it been at least 50% paid off?

8:  Do you have any existing business loans?
8.A  How many are your loans and How much?
8.B Do you have any default with them? (ask only if YES to loan)

9:  Have you had difficulty getting approved within the last 30 days?

10:  Just for documentation purposes, you are not dealing with Bankruptcy as of the moment, right?

11: Do you accept credit cards as a payment from your clients?

12: May I ask for your email address (spell it out phonetically)

13. Verify phone number
13.A ask for an alternate number
13.B  ask for a Fax Number

12: Ask for the  State and Timezone
13: Industry:

Now that I have verified all the information here, let me connect you now to one of our Premier Lenders. (Live Transfer Call)

Before dialing the Transfer Line:

In any circumstances  that I can’t connect you to our Premier Lender what will be the Best time for us to give you a callback?

Connecting you now to our Premier Lender…


Live Transfer Script:

“Hello, I have a borrower for you on the line, their name is ______ and their phone # is ___________…and which partner is this? (verify lender)

___Merchant Name___I have ___Name of the Lender____ Thank you both.

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