Small Business Loan

Small Business Loans are typically more attractive that a merchant cash advance. These reasons vary from the payback amount, the rate, the term, and the penalties for early payoff.

We will spend 5 minutes on the phone with you to determine what product would be best and what lender may offer you the best options. We have a network of over 500 lenders that have different underwriting criteria so we can certainly get you approved. Once we understand your business needs and qualifications we can transfer you directly to a lender in our network. Let us make this process easy for you!

Just complete the online form and we will give you a call to discuss what options you have and how we can help! You can call us directly at (619) 878-9885 or email us at

What is a small business loan? How do I get approved and where do I start? What does it take to get approved? These are good questions and it really depends on where you go to get your loan or advance.

Should I go to the bank?

Most banks are only approving businesses that have long track records of profits and high credit scores. Right now banks are approving 3-5% of business loan applications. It is extremely hard to get a bank loan right now. If you can’t get a bank loan, you might still be able to get a small business loan through more creative funding companies.

What is a Small Business Loan?

The small business lending industry has evolved considerably over the past decade and it continues to evolve daily. If a bank won’t lend you the money it only means you have to try something else. One such option is a small business loan. Typically this is a loan that is unsecured, revenue based, and the cost of the capital depends on your individual situation. Lenders will review your bank statements specifically looking for negative days, low balances, fewer deposits or sporadic revenue. If your banks pass the test they will also review your credit score for previous loan history and delinquent accounts or bankruptcies.

What if I can’t get approved for a small business loan?

There are many different options for higher risk borrowers. If you can’t get approved for a small business loan you can try a merchant cash advance, line of credit, equipment financing, factor invoicing, or another alternative type of funding. The bottom line is that there are many different options out there.

If you only knew where to look to find these creative funding companies. Well look no further! At Easy Financing that is exactly what we do for you. Call us today and get transferred to a lender we match you with based on your qualifications.

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