How It Works

What does Easy Financing do? This is a great question. Easy Financing matches borrowers with lenders based on a 5 minute phone call.

We will spend 5 minutes on the phone with you to determine what product would be best and what lender may offer you the best options. We have a network of over 500 lenders that have different underwriting criteria so we can certainly get you approved. Once we understand your business needs and qualifications we can transfer you directly to a lender in our network. Let us make this process easy for you!

Our highly trained agents will ask you about your revenue, your credit, and your business history. After that our proprietary software will determine which lender in our network is the best match. We can transfer you to the lender in real time or book an appointment for you to receive a call back.

Its really that simple!

Step#1 – Call us at (619) 878-9885

Step#2 – Our agent will ask you a few questions and enter your answers

Step#3 – Our software tells our agent what lender is a match!

Step#4 – You can be transferred to the lender now or schedule a call back

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